Eyelashes are important to many people and even become an expensive part of someone's care routine. People spend lots of money to maintain thick and long eyelashes, whether that is purchasing your favorite mascara or getting routine eyelash extensions. But before you make that next stop at the salon, make sure to know the facts. Wearing fake eyelashes can cause damage to your lashes whether that be from the glue or the weight. Your eyelashes are a crucial part of your overall eye health and protect your eyes. Learn about how eyelashes protect your eyes and why you should take extra care of them.

Eyelashes Reduce Airflow

Mammals have moist eyes because of the tear film that protects our eyes. The tear film provides nutrients for your eyes and refracts light. Airflow to the eye can reduce moisture and make your eyes feel dry. This can cause dust to get into your eye and irritate them. Eyelashes minimize the flow of air into the eyeball, keeping dust and other particles from entering your eyes and causing irritation. According to the Georgia Institute of Technology, no matter how small or how large a mammal is, eyelashes are one-third of the length of the mammal’s eye.

Eyelashes Keep Moisture Out

Similar to keeping airflow out of your eyes, some moisture should always be kept out of your eyes. Eyelashes help keep sweat, rain, and other moistures from irritating your eyes. Your eyelashes are curved and in a specific position to catch the redirect moisture away from your eyeballs.

Eyelashes Filter Sunlight

Too much direct sunlight can be harmful to your eyeballs. Eyelashes can help shield your eyeballs from the harmful rays of the sun. Without eyelashes, the sun has direct access to your eyes which puts you at risk for eye cancers, cataracts, growths, and macular degeneration. Eyelashes aid in sun protection but they do not completely protect your eyes from the sun. You should always wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun no matter the season. At Easy Pay Optical, we have a wide selection of prescription sunglasses and transition lenses to fit your needs.

Eyelashes Alert for Danger

Just like cat whiskers, eyelashes can alert your eye to danger. If something comes close to your eye and hits your eyelashes, it causes an eyelid-closing reflex. The object or particle may never touch your eyeball because it touched the eyelashes first. This reflex protects your eyes from damage, scratching, and foreign particles that could cause infection. Wearing heavy eyelash extensions or makeup can make these reflexes slow down and not perform their job properly. Talk with your eye doctor to make sure your reflexes are performing properly and are able to protect your eye.


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