It’s no secret that wearing sunglasses is one of the best things you can do to protect your eyes from harmful sun rays, but there might be more to this fashion statement than you think.

Not all sunglasses are made the same, and there may be some types that fit your face shape better than others. An important first step in finding the right sunglasses for you is being able to determine what type of face shape you have. If you are not quite sure what the shape of your face is, there is a simple solution. There are only a few basic types of faces, and it is simple and easy to determine the face shape you have.

How To Determine Your Face Shape

Square Shaped:

A square face has measurements that are all relatively the same and has angular, bold features. A strong, broader jawline is natural for a square-shaped face with cheeks that sit higher on the face instead of being angled in. A broad forehead is also characteristic of a person with a square face.

Round Shaped:

Similar to square faces, people with round faces also have a face width and height that are relatively the same. The main difference with this face shape is that it has softer, curved features. Your cheeks may be fuller, and your jawline will most likely be less defined.

Oval Shaped:

Faces with an oval shape typically appear narrower, with the length of your face tending to be greater than the width. You may also have a round jaw and a forehead that is greater in size than the width of your jawline.

Heart Shaped:

A pointed chin is characteristic of a heart-shaped face and often showcases higher, more prominent cheekbones that can be full or angled in. Your forehead may be broader than your jawline, and your hairline may come to a peak at the middle of your face.

Best Frames For a Square-Shaped Face

Some of the best frame options for those with square-shaped faces include round and oval frames as well as aviators. Styles that feature rounded edges and include more width in the frame will flatter your features by contrasting the sharp angles of your face. Frames that include rounded edges allow for more personalization because you can pick the frame size. Smaller, rounded frames provide a unique yet subtle look while larger, rounded frames showcase a dramatic and bold style.

The oblong shape of oval frames also serves the purpose of softening your features and giving your face some added balance. To take this type of frame to the next level, you can opt for colored lenses. Not only will this shape make a distinction between the frames and your facial structure, but the colored lenses can also provide a noticeable difference that will complement your shape. Similarly, aviators are a classic style that comes in many different forms. This option allows you to choose a more delicate wire frame or make a statement with a thicker frame that stands out.

Sunglasses For a Round Face

For those with round faces, it is important to consider styles that will add some contrast to your softer features and provide depth for your face. The best styles for round faces include full-rimmed frames, Wayfarers, and frames that feature bolder shapes. To offset the curves of your face, you can also try shades that have a thicker rim with square or rectangular edges. This particular shape will amplify your facial structure and sharpen your features.

Wayfarers, originated by Ray-Ban, are a classic style and fan-favorite. It just so happens that it will also compliment rounded faces. The sharp edges featured in this frame will pair well with the soft angles of your face.

A fun way to compliment a more rounded facial shape is by going for a pair of sunglasses that feature bold shapes and sharp edges. Try a square frame, an octagon frame, or even frames that go into a point at the side. There are plenty of unique options available that will allow your face to look good while expressing your personality.

Options For Oval-Shaped Faces

Frames that flatter oval-shaped faces include rectangular frames, aviators, as well as cat-eye sunglasses. It is best to consider styles that will offer a nice distinction against the width of your face. These styles can add depth to your face with edges that make a statement. People that have an oval face could also benefit from the sharp edges rectangular frames offer. The width of this style of frame compliments your features and provides a subtle contrast to the narrower width of your face.

A timeless classic, aviators, provide the perfect shape to compliment a narrower face. Their subtle curves and wider base allows for a look that will never go out of style. Cat-eye glasses provide a unique look that allows you to highlight your features in a fun yet retro way. These sunglasses have become increasingly popular with women in recent years, and their broad width is flattering for this particular face shape.

Best Frames For a Heart-Shaped Face

If you have a heart-shaped face, you may want to consider looking for browline, rimless, or patterned sunglasses. These styles will be the most flattering for your facial structure because they highlight your prominent cheekbones.

Eyewear featuring a bolder frame at the top and a more delicate border at the bottom provide a beneficial contrast that highlights your prominent features. Browline sunglasses are a staple piece for this type of face shape, and this style comes in many different variations. Similar to the browline style, minimalistic and rimless sunglasses will allow your facial features to speak for themselves. The simple presence of a lens with little to no frame will not mimic any features on your face but will draw attention to your jawline instead of highlighting the broadness of your forehead.

Patterns can be utilized on any type of frame. This means there are a range of options available with this style. Patterns provide you the opportunity to showcase your personality. As a benefit, they also draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones in a flattering fashion.

How we can help

It is important to recognize that picking out a pair of sunglasses is always going to come down to personal preference. No matter what kind of face you have, choosing a pair of sunglasses is completely up to you, and there is no right or wrong answer. However, we hope this guide can help you narrow down your options the next time you are in the market for a new pair of sunglasses.

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