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Your daily makeup routine may not seem like a big area of concern when it comes to eye health, but the products and application processes that you use can quickly lead to complications and infections if done incorrectly. Common eye infections such as conjunctivitis and styes can occur if products are not properly applied and removed.

Whether you choose a full face of makeup everyday or prefer to walk out with only mascara on, we want everyone to know the best way to use your favorite products while avoiding any unnecessary clinic visits. Here are our key considerations when it comes to properly wearing eye makeup:

Makeup Safety

The type of makeup that you choose to surround your eye can greatly affect your overall eye health. Only placing products that are intended for use in that area is step one to avoiding any potential irritants. Eye cosmetic products tend to be composed of chemicals and ingredients that are safe for the sensitive area, but checking your favorite mascara or eyeliner to ensure that they are not harmful is a must.

Not only can the harsh ingredients of products cause eye inflammation or irritation, but they can also cause allergies. Testing new products one at a time to ensure that you body does not have an adverse reaction and immediately halting the use of any that do caue issues can help to avoid eye complications. If you do have reactions to a product, determining the specific culprit ingredient is very beneficial when selecting new products to test.

Choosing precise products to approach your eyes is best. Eyeliner with a dull tip or mascara with clumpy bristles may easily leave unwanted product around your open eye. The same goes for more adventurous cosmetics such as glitter products and fake eyelashes. When applied correctly and carefully, using the proper adhesive and precise applicators, they pose little issue, but not taking the proper precautions can lead to corneal irritation, scratches or infection.

Product consistency is a large factor in makeup caused infections with those that are creamier and liquidy serving as a petri dish for bacteria. Because makeup has the ability to quickly grow harmful offspring, knowing when it is time to toss it in the trash must be recognized. The American Academy of Ophthalmology suggests the lifespan of eye products as being 3 months before it is time to move on to a new container.

Application & Removal

You should always begin your application process with a fresh canvas and tools. Properly washing your face and eye area to remove any debris, dirt and oil will allow your makeup to glide on smoothly and avoid clogging pores that could potentially cause infections. Using clean brushes and applicators is also vital to maintain eye cleanliness. Brushes and applicators can hold previously used products and host a variety of bacteria so cleaning and replacing them when necessary will result in your makeup lasting longer and your eyes, and surrounding areas, staying healthy.

While most people apply their makeup sitting down at a vanity or makeup mirror, sometimes you may be running late? Many might be tempted to apply the last coat of mascara in the car or on the bus, but this moving environment can lead to many harmful outcomes such as a scratched cornea or even a stab to the eye. Choosing a safe and calm environment with little distractions and no moving people or objects will allow you to get the perfect winged liner or red lip without any further complications.

The right way you remove your makeup is just as important as how you apply it. Taking your makeup off of your entire face, especially eyes, should be done before bedtime every day. Whether you choose a makeup remover cloth or cleanser, ridding product particles from the eyelids and surrounding creases will help to avoid any potentially harmful pieces from traveling into your eye at night.

Makeup is a great way to express yourself, an impressive skill to practice and can be executed safely with the proper precautions. Recognizing the potential threats that some products and improper eye care can cause is vital when addressing your own eye health.

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