Have ever wondered if your eye color means anything other than whether or not you have the dominant or recessive gene? Various different eye colors have different meanings for each person. Shockingly enough, you could make accurate judgments about a person's personality based on the color of their eyes. Scientists at Orebro in Sweden examined the eyes of 428 people to discover if eyes are really windows to the soul.

Some people have trouble deciding between what they think their eye color truly is. Because some eyes can be blue/green or hazel–which is a mix of green and brown– it can be hard figuring out your eye color. Some people think their eyes are browner, but others who look at them think they are hazel because they notice green in them.

Dark Brown/Black Eyes

Dark brown eyes that often appear black are one of the rarest eye colors. People with dark brown eyes are expected to be natural-born leaders. This leads to intelligence being one of the most common traits associated with dark brown eyes. Oddly enough, people with dark brown eyes are expected to be good at sports, especially tennis.

Celebrities with Dark Brown/Black Eyes: Eva Longoria, Viola Davis, Lucy Liu, and Nina Dobrev

Brown Eyes

People with brown eyes also have more melanin in their eyes. Which, as mentioned above, means you are an assertive and confident person. According to a study in the journal Chronobiology International, people with brown eyes tend to sleep two hours less than people with lighter eyes and have more trouble getting up in the morning. Other research has discovered that people with brown eyes are better at maintaining eye contact. This research suspects they are better at maintaining eye contact because they think they could be overlooked by people with lighter eyes. Either way, people with brown eyes are great friends.

Celebrities with Brown Eyes: Anne Hathaway, Keira Knightly, Johnny Depp, and Robert Downey Jr.

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes can be complicated because people have their own definition of color and hazel eyes are often changing colors. Because hazel is so unique and beautiful, the people with hazel eyes usually embody those traits. Since hazel eyes can have different variations of different colors and continuously change, it is hard to categorize the color with a specific personality trait. However, people with hazel eyes could be prone to stomach issues. Potential health issues aside, if you have hazel eyes you are still a fun and energetic person to be around.

Celebrities with Hazel Eyes: Demi Moore, Kelly Clarkson, Josh Hutcherson, and Tyra Banks

Blue Eyes

The most common characteristic related to blue eyes is “exuding sweetness.” The other two characteristics associated with blue eyes are being sexy and kind. However, people with blue eyes tend to be judged negatively at first. According to Medical Daily, people will view you as competitive and egotistical. You can also be viewed as timid or shy, but you possess strength. On the plus side, women with light eyes tend to be able to tolerate pain and stress more than women with brown eyes during childbirth. In contrast to brown eyes, people did not view people with blue eyes as intelligent.

Celebrities with Blue Eyes: Megan Fox, Amy Adams, Paul Walker, and Ian Somerhalder

Gray Eyes

Less than 1% of the population has gray eyes. They are rare, but they are just a lighter version of blue. This means you share a lot of the same traits as people with blue eyes. If you have light gray eyes, you come off as introverted and guard yourself well. Once people break your walls down they realize you are a loyal friend. If you have dark gray eyes, you are very well-balanced and able to adapt to any environment. However, different people can have different opinions.

Celebrities with Gray Eyes: Pink, Heather Graham, Clint Eastwood, and Jai Courtney

Green Eyes

If you have green eyes you are lucky! According to various research, green eyes are viewed as the sexiest and most alluring eye color. When asked what eye color people desired the most, green was the number one choice. Traits linked with green eyes include being creative, a little devious, shy, and trustworthy.

Celebrities with Green Eyes: Emma Stone, Channing Tatum, Amanda Seyfried, and Kristen Stewart

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A portion of your purchase is donated to the Anath Foundation to help families on their cancer journey. Learn more about the impact of your purchase!

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