As the seasons change, how you should care for your eyes should also adjust depending on the temperature outside. No matter the season, it is important to look after our eyes. While some problems can occur at any time of the year, some issues become more prevalent during hot summers and cold winters.

Winter & Autumn

What can happen

When temperatures drop, the winter season can affect more than just our bodies but our eyes as well. We often compensate for the colder air outside by turning up the heat inside our homes and offices. This can actually be damaging to our sinuses and eyes. Dry air can contribute to our eyes becoming itchy or dry, and it can also irritate our eyes to the point where we over produce tears causing teary eyes. If you find that your eyes are watery when you go outside it is your body's way of trying to protect your eyes by ensuring they stay lubricated.

Both of these can lead to side effects such as pain, swelling, redness, and blurred vision if your eyes are not hydrated properly. Dry eyes are common in this type of season, but they don't have to be.

Tips for protecting your eyes

Use a dehumidifier: In the winter, it is common to turn on the heat when you get home which makes the air dry. By using a dehumidifier, you can help increase the moisture in the air and decrease the chance of dry eyes.

Eye drops: Lubricating your eyes is especially useful when you want to protect them from the cold air or even indoors. Eye drops can help keep your eyes moist and help minimize the risk of discomfort and redness that is caused by low temperatures.

Wear protective eyeglasses: Dry eyes become worse when exposed to icy, cooler temperatures or UV rays. Investing in glasses to protect your eyes from dry winds is important for preventing dry eyes.

Summer & spring

What can happen

With summer and spring in full bloom people tend to spend more time outdoors. During this time, it is important to ensure that you are providing adequate protection for your eyes. In the warmer seasons, we tend to forget how harmful the sunlight and UV radiation can be to our eyes. Too much exposure to UV radiation can cause damaging side effects such as eye cancer, cataracts, and even the burning of our cornea.

Humidity - the amount of water vapor in the air - also becomes a potential damaging factor for your eyes in places where there is an unusual amount of low humidity. The humidity percentage is always changing. Lubricating your eyes is the easiest way to hydrate them if you are not able to enjoy a normal humidity environment.

Fortunately, there are many precautions you can take to protect your eyes from the effects of the sunlight damage.

Tips for protecting your eyes

Wear sunglasses: Sunglasses are important to wear year round and even more important when you are going to be outdoors in the summer often. Make sure to wear sunglasses with 100% UV protection to fully protect your eyes from the damaging effects of sunlight.

Wear goggles in the pool: Protecting your eyes from the sun also means protecting your eyes from harmful chemicals such as chlorine water. If you swim often or own a pool don't forget to wear your goggles to protect your eyes in the long run.

Wear a Hat: While you wear sunglasses you can minimize the risk of UV exposure even more by wearing a hat because some sunglasses don't offer protection from UV light on their own.

Tips for good eye health

Avoid rubbing your eyes: Spending time indoors in poorly ventilated areas can contribute to the spreading of germs. To prevent the spread of germs and keep your eyes healthy avoid rubbing your eyes.

Eat Healthy & Drink Water: Food and water have the power to improve your eyesight and prevent long term vision problems. Foods that are high in nutrients, particularly those found in fruits and vegetables, can actually lower your risk of eye diseases.

Get an eye exam: One of the best things you can do for your eyes is schedule an annual eye exam. No matter the season, a comprehensive eye exam can help determine the overall health of the eye through a visual examination.

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Anath Foundation

A portion of your purchase is donated to the Anath Foundation to help families on their cancer journey. Learn more about the impact of your purchase!

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