Do you ever feel like your eyesight may not be as good as it was several years ago, especially when attempting to read? As humans age, it becomes more and more difficult for our eyes to focus. This is a culmination of all of the stress that your eyes have suffered over the years along with the inescapable aging process that hinders our ability to read.

Researchers estimated that nearly 2 billion people are affected by presbyopia after a study was performed in 2015. If you are over the age of 40, there is a very possible chance that you are in this category and should consider purchasing reading glasses. This article aims to help people better understand presbyopia and help them determine if it is time for them to pursue reading glasses.

What is presbyopia?

Presbyopia is the gradual, age-related loss of the eyes' ability to focus actively on nearby objects. People that are presbyopic struggle to focus because the eye’s lens is too stiff and isn’t flexible enough to focus on objects up close. Unfortunately presbyopia is an unavoidable condition that is unavoidable, but luckily there are easy solutions to overcome the inability to focus on up close objects.

Several signs that point to presbyopia

Sometimes when people have impaired eyesight, they have trouble even realizing it because their brain does its best to fill in the gaps and they become used to not seeing things clearly. There are several common symptoms that make presbyopia easy to diagnose.

The most obvious symptom that indicates that you probably need reading glasses is that you have trouble seeing words on a page in a book or can’t see your text messages unless you put your phone several feet away from your face. As mentioned above, the reason you are struggling to see these words up close is because your eye’s lens does not have enough elasticity, which makes it extremely difficult to focus and make out an image.

In other cases presbyopic symptoms can be slightly less obvious. While reading, if you feel like you need extra light or if your eyes get abnormally tired, then you should think about visiting an optometrist for an eye exam. In some rare cases presbyopia can cause headaches while performing certain daily tasks such as reading, watching the television, or looking at your phone. If this is the case then you most likely are experiencing several other symptoms already stated above and should visit an eye doctor as soon as you can.


It’s always a good idea to consult a professional about any health-related issues. Even if presbyopia is a natural element of the aging process, seeing an eye doctor to have an assessment is the best option. An eye doctor will be able to provide a thorough examination to check everything eye-related. They can then confirm your condition and help you correct it to ensure your vision is no longer compromised. The most common solution for presbyopia is to wear glasses, but you may also wear contact lenses or in rare cases have surgery. These options are also something that you can discuss in depth with your eye doctor at your eye assessment to ensure you choose a solution that is best suited to you.

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According to the CDC, approximately 12 million people over the age of 40 in the United States have some form of vision impairment. Whether you have symptoms of presbyopia or other issues, Easy Pay Optical wants to help you solve your optical complications.

Anath Foundation

A portion of your purchase is donated to the Anath Foundation to help families on their cancer journey. Learn more about the impact of your purchase!

Anath Foundation

A portion of your purchase is donated to the Anath Foundation to help families on their cancer journey. Learn more about the impact of your purchase!

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