As springtime approaches, the ever-changing fashion trends are gearing up for the sunny weather. Sunglass styles continue to evolve and become more unique as the seasons change. Fashion labels, designer frame sunglass brands, and fashion companies are keeping up with the latest trends, and we want to make sure you do, too! This variety of up-to-date sunglass styles can help you find your perfect pair and discover what lens or frame is right for you.

1. The Bigger the Better

The oversized glasses look is staying in style this spring. Whether it’s XXL frames, chunky frames with a pop of color, or a classic everyday large black pair of glasses, this look remains on the rise. Ray-Ban’s most wanted styles include the infamous Aviator Classic sunglasses, which often give off a stylish oversized look. The trend is stylish while benefiting you by shielding half of your face from the sun. You can even go the extra mile with this by getting your sunglasses polarized. Celebrities continue to sport this look, leaving their fans wanting to work it as well. Tory Burch offers a wide selection of oversized sunglasses, whether they be in the geometric, square, or cat-eye style. Coach’s eyewear includes a variety of big sunglasses with different color lenses as well.

2. Rounded and Rectangular

The rounded cat eye look is stylish regardless of the size of your glasses. The timeless trend is so chic and can complete an outfit effortlessly. This trend was actually popular in the 60s and 70s as well, and just recently bounced back. These accessories are worn often by pop stars and musicians, and are often styled on actors and actresses in TV shows and movies. You can find numerous rounded and rectangle lenses in famous designer brands like Tory Burch, Coach, Ray-Ban, and Michael Kors. Many models and influencers are also sporting the rectangular glasses look. This 2000s look is back and better than ever. Whether your frames are small or oversized, the rectangles give off a sophisticated and futuristic look.

3. Dare to Be Different

Patterned sunglasses are a freshly new trend on the rise. Celebrities have often been spotted wearing them, and they make quite the statement. Bright colors and fun patterns are the new look for this year, and fun patterned glasses fit right in with this style choice. This eyewear trend will completely transform your look and add a fun flare to any sophisticated outfit.

4. Sporty is Stylin’

Y2k styles are on the come-up, and the racer frame is getting more popular with its futuristic touch and unique appeal. The racer frame offers a sporty flare to your look. These high-quality sunglasses are weightless and good for sports and style. Whether you’re on the tennis court, running, or going to an event, these glasses can accessorize your look easily. Eyewear brands like Ray-Ban, Tory Borch, and Michael Kors have all perfected the sporty design. These frames give off a shielded look and are very sustainable.

5. Vintage is Back

Ray Ban’s most-wanted pairs of glasses include club master and hexagonal optics, which were the go-to style in the late 70s and early 80s. The popularity of translucent lenses dates all the way back to the 60s. Of course, the rounded glasses look of the 70s is also staying in style. These looks are truly classic and ageless. People are loving pops of color these days, and it seems like these colorful translucent lenses do just the trick. There are plenty of color-tinted sunglasses you could invest in for an early-aughts inspired spring or summer. Popular colors include red, yellow, orange, blue, and pink.

Anath Foundation

A portion of your purchase is donated to the Anath Foundation to help families on their cancer journey. Learn more about the impact of your purchase!

Anath Foundation

A portion of your purchase is donated to the Anath Foundation to help families on their cancer journey. Learn more about the impact of your purchase!

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